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RARE SYNERGY II+ SYNTHESIZER W KAYPRO 2 for sale in Boise, ID buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

In 1975 an engineer at Bell Labs, Hal Alles, had a dream -- to build the world's most sophisticated digital real-time synthesizer. At the time, only minicomputers and mainframes could generate digital sounds, and then only after many hours of computation using punched cards (!). Alles designed a set of cards for a IEEE-696 computer chassis with an RS-422 digital instrumentation interface to talk to a minicomputer (the PDP-8). The Alles synthesizer (eventually known as the Bell Labs digital synthesizer) offered the user a pool of digital oscillators with variable waveforms. It had no fixed synthesis architecture. Unlike other synthesizers -- for example, a typical analog Moog synthesizer with 3 oscillators in parallel -- the Bell Labs digital synthesizer let the user arrange the oscillators in any architecture desired. The Bell Labs digital synthesizer could use 2 oscillators per voice or 16 oscillators per voice, or anything in between. But Alles went further. He designed the Bell Labs digital synthesizer with immensely flexible envelopes and filters. It had two types of digital filters, A filters and B filters. It had 16-point amplitude and frequency envelopes, far more complex than the simple-minded ADSR envelopes used even today, and it used two different 16-point envelopes for each oscillator. The user defined a maximum envelope and a minimum envelope for both frequency and amplitude. Then the Bell Labs digital synthesizer automatically interpolated the shape of the final envelope between those two radically different 16-point envelopes depending on how hard the keys on the synthesizer keyboard were struck. The Synergy II+ synthesizerwith MIDI and RS-232 port for programming Kaypro 2 computer The last and most comprehensive version of the SYNHCS (Synergy Host Control System) software for programming the synthesizer, version 3.22 from 1985. RS-232 serial cable that connects the Kaypro to the Synergy II+ Synergy Audio Learning Manual put out by DKI in 1982 (in mp3 format: the original audio cassette isn't in great shape anymore, and who wants to play a cassette?). 2-inch tall stack of documentation showing how to use the Synergy II+. Kaypro Technical Manual from 1984, with info like the pinouts on the serial and parallel ports and so on. I've also included a diagram of the pinout of the special serial cable you need just in case you ever need to make another one. A CP/M manual covering issues like the syntax for PIP. On CP/M, you use PIP.COM to copy programs from one floppy disk to another. CP/M is different from DOS -- you can't use the COPY command the same way you can on DOS. You use SYSGEN to create a bootable Kaypro floppy disc, for example. The CP/M manual shows you how to do all this. A quick start cheat sheet I've written up to get you started. The full Synergy voice library on 17 Kaypro floppy discs, including all 3 of Wendy Carlos' voice sets, with a total of 528 timbres. The Bell Labs digital synthesizer could produce anything from raunchy timbres as harshly brutal as a Mack truck smashing through a brick wall to delicate evocations as diaphonous and ethereal as a butterfly's wing. It could sound hi-tech and futuristic and digital, or retro and touchy-feelie and analog. In 1978, the synthesizer manufacture Crumar licensed the design of the Bell Labs digital synthesizer. With 32 digital oscillators and 2 sixteen-point frequency and amplitude envelopes for each oscillator, the Synergy digital synthesizer had 128 envelopes total, with 16 points each. No other synthesizer had ever used such a complex architecture. There were too many oscillators and envelope points even to be controlled by the dozens of buttons and knobs on the Synergy's front panel, so an external computer was used. To voice the synthesizer, a Kaypro 2 computer got connected to the Synergy via RS232 serial interface, and Crumar programmers wrote a Z80 assembly language program for the Kaypro 2. The Synergy came in two models:... - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist